A Turkish Look At The Future
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

A Turkish Look At The Future

The 20th century, which has witnessed two world wars, has seen vast developments in politics, economics and technology fields in its last decade. Half a century old alliances have fallen, disassemble and lost their weight. The dissolution started in 1989 didn’t only influence the Eastern Bloc countries, but also made other countries positioning themselves against the threat of the blocking period question their attitudes in accordance with these new national and international developments.

In the very beginning of the 21st century, the fact that those countries of different development levels, political and cultural values questioned the kind of the world order they were going to live in turned to be a universally significant and strategic issue.

Popularizing and developing democracy, establishing the rule of law, securing basic rights and freedom for the welfare and happiness of humanity have been accepted as a global vision.

However, globalization process which was expected to contribute to the adopting the universal values such as human rights, democracy and respect for law has been identified with international terrorism, immigration, ethnic conflicts, financial bankruptcies and inner turmoil, double standards against international law, income extremes between rich and poor countries, environmental disasters and hunger.

Making globalization process just and humane is possible by providing a sustainable competitive atmosphere among countries, using technological possibilities for the common human prosperity, securing the fundamental human rights and freedom, and supporting the efforts of cooperation among cultures and civilizations on the basis of mutual respect, tolerance and sensibility instead of planting the seeds of hatred.

Today, when a new world order is formed in the post-cold war era based on bipolarization, an ideal world in which the people of Turkey and whole humanity living in peace and prosperity can be provided by realizing a new Turkey centered civilization project. Turkey, with her potential and capacity, her natural, historical, cultural, humane values and sources, can be a center of attraction for Turkic and Islamic world.

The solemn stance Turkey will show with the richness and rooted state experience will always provide her with reputation, dignity and leadership in her region. Turkey will be not only a regional power but also a global actor as long as she sustains a strong social and economic structure, a deterring and highly technological security forces, and develops her culture of brotherhood and solidarity and is ruled with justice.

The way to realize this ideal and catch on with the new millennium requires digesting the good and bad experiences of the past millennium, completing the process of development and democratization, and reinterpreting the tradition of great statehood under circumstances of the new century.

In this respect, her geostrategic position, historical obligations, economic, social and political interests reveal the fact that Turkey cannot be indifferent to the developments around her. By putting herself into the center Turkey must have a voice for every economic, social, and political developments taking place in her immediate or remote surrounding. In other words, Turkey must be the script writer, producer, director, and leading actor of her own projects instead of being an operator of some regional and global projects prepared by others.

The primary strategic target of The Nationalist Movement Party is to pave the way for Turkey to be the powerful ‘Leading Country’ of the 21th century who secures peace and stability in her region, and has respect and authority in international relations. In this sense, the party has formed its program and policies to make Turkey a ‘Leading Country’ in 2023, the first century anniversary of our republic, by realizing the national development.

The societies, which establish their national unity and solidarity, strengthen their cultural values and social structure and have a powerful economy, can become the effective actors of the global order and get a better share from the wealth of the world. In this respect, as a Party, our aim is to make Turkey reach a political stability, economic and social power and contribute to the peace and wealth of the country and the world as a leading actor.

There is no doubt that the realization of our ideal of ‘Leading Country Turkey’ mostly depends on determining a common national attitude and succeeding in development by using every means available.

We know and believe that Turkey, which revived itself with the national independence struggle under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK at the beginning of the last century, has the power to reach the cause of “Turkey the Leading Country” by motivating its historical, social and cultural potential with the same spirit in the new century.

On the basis of such idea and action plan envisaged by The Nationalist Movement Party for considering and solving the problems, there lies an understanding of Turkish Nationalism that appeals to Turkish people with national, spiritual and human references. The values such as human rights and liberties, rule of law and justice are the fundamental steps of Turkish Nationalism as well as the basic references of The Nationalist Movement Party.

The Nationalist Movement Party, which has left its mark on the last forty years of the journey from history to the future, takes its strength from spiritual values, beliefs, principles and the Turkish Nation. Therefore it resists anything harmful for Turkey.

Nationalist Movement never accepts any goals that are not for the benefit of the nation. Doing politics by taking national and spiritual values of Turkish Nation as a whole, Nationalist Movement is thus the political representative of the center.

Carrying our nation to the top in the race of nations and making our state a leading country will only be possible by reaching our political objectives. The Nationalist Movement Party, adopting nationalism as a feasible political administration project in every part of life, has defined the basic problems of the society and the government and suggested some solutions with its principles called “Nine Lights” throughout its history.

In today’s world, where a different development and ideas are seen each day, the importance and guidance of these principles and sensibilities are better understood in respect to the comprehension and solution of the political, social and the economic issues Turkish Nation confronts. In this context, the principles and values of;

“Nationalism”, which we believe, forms the ideological basis and the impulse of social, economic and cultural developments with the proud driven by the sense of belonging, in securing Turkish Nation, as one of the most powerful, respected countries of the era,

“Idealism” that defines hard work, renunciation and devotion with the love of service for the country and the nation,

“Moralism” which aims at preserving and transferring the highly qualified character of the Turkish Nation to the next generations, and is based on love, tolerance and justice in human relations,

“Scientism” which proposes the use of science and scientific data on the way to information society, and defends to deal with every issue by methodological reasoning without prejudice,

“Societism” which proposes to build a society in which the social peace is established by compensating the inequalities in income groups and the difference of the development level among the geographical regions, and finds its meaning in the philosophy depending the existence of the state on the nation,

“Peasantry” which enables the state to deliver her justice and affection even to the remotest parts of the country, provide each and every citizen with food and shelter as well as peace and security, and establish developed villages in which happy and prosperous villagers benefit from the opportunities of civilization,

“Libertarianism and Personalism” which includes an understanding that sees overcoming all obstacles and securing basic rights and freedom and the rule of law as the main responsibility of the state,

“Advancement and Populism” stems from the fact that throughout history the advancement of the societies and civilizations deriving from the desire to achieve the better and even the perfect, and the driving force of progress is the spirit of development,

“Technology and Industrialism” aim at establishing an industrialism to raise the general level of wealth by keeping the pace with the era in science and technology, taking into account the peculiar circumstances of our country, producing goods in conformity with international competition conditions and transforming this production immediately into the economic and social benefit,

These principles and values form the whole basic ideas and sensibilities we care as The Nationalist Movement Party.