Nationalism And Democracy As Dynamics Of Consensus
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Nationalism And Democracy As Dynamics Of Consensus

Our party accepts nationalism and democracy as two key concepts of political and cultural framework to prepare the Turkish Nation for new enterprises and targets in peace, comfort and fraternity.

There is no doubt that the most important factor which strengthens the targets of a society such as solidarity, development and holding the values of era is nationalism. When the idea of nationalism, which aims at supplying peace and comfort for every individual of society, and is based on ideal of improving and elevating the nation as a social unit, becomes the object of social consensus, it is going to feed and strengthen the national progress effort with its dimension of enthusiasm and idealism.

Democracy, the best way of ruling discovered so far by mankind, is an indispensable condition for survival of different opinions in society in with a mentality based on mutual respect and friendship.

Therefore, The Nationalist Movement Party gives a great importance to the development of social solidarity and consensus culture.