Public Administration
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Public Administration

Basic Objective

Within the framework of the principles of a democratic state of law, Our Party considers that the creation of an administration structure and functioning which jointly pursue equity, efficiency and new developments and flexible and swift structure in accordance with needs in the administration and the understanding of supplying quality service and in this sense establishing effective methods are the basic purpose of public administration.

Citizen Satisfaction

It is essential that the public administration with all institutions and rules should be structured with the understanding of openness, participation and accountability for meeting common demands of the nation and maintaining citizen satisfaction.

Performance-Based Administration

We believe that it is necessary to form a performance-based administration culture which includes administration principles and practices, organization, human resources, personnel systems and public relations in public administration.

Administration Concept and Participation

We consider as a result of our administration concept that the public sector will be allowed to perform its regulation and inspection duties in a better way by decreasing its role of direct service supply and that the administration will be improved by means of generating alternative policies after evaluating the effectiveness of current policies and that the citizen will participate in decision making processes regarding the citizen and that the right to information about responsible persons and qualities of such services will be guaranteed to be used in an effective manner.

Organization, Personnel Regime, Justice in Salary

It will be essential to improve policy making capacity in public administration and maintain the harmony among public policies. We believe that it is necessary to allow institutions having a dynamic structure and functioning that may develop themselves in a continuous and systematic way; to deal with personnel regime within a framework based on competence and performance evaluation; reward the success together with duty, authority and responsibility by ensuring justice in pay; create a fair pay regime to ensure “equal pay for equal labor”; and provide employment of personnel with proper quality and quantity in accordance with the need of service around the country.

Unionism in the International Norms

We defend that employees should have trade union rights in accordance with the international norms.

Prevention of Using Influence and Power

It will be essential to ensure that authorities will be made to be a place of service not influence and power, and that corruption and favoritism will be prevented and that public officials will be more responsible not only for their services but also for their negligence.

Increasing the Service Capacity of Local Administrations

Some public services will be essentially supplied in such a manner that they will be served to the public at the local level by making them easy-to-access and increasing their quality and effectiveness. For this purpose, the service capacity of local administrations will be increased.

Inspection of Public Services by Civil Organization

We suggest open policy in public administration and jurisdiction and the participation of civil organizations where citizens will carry the responsibility of being individual in inspection of public services.