Youth and Sports
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Youth and Sports

Youth: the Security of Our Country’s Future

Our party considers the investment to be made for youth as the most important investment for future of Turkey.

It is a basic principle for us to find a solution for problems related to education, health, employment, social security and making use of leisure time of youth.

Education level of the young will be raised by providing benefit from education facilities in terms of equal opportunities and education received by them will prepare them in harmony with today’s conditions.

The youth, with proper guidance in primary and secondary education and according to their abilities will be given the opportunity to continue their higher education in departments they like.

We consider that it is necessary to form platforms where students will have the opportunity to agree with the rules about themselves and to form mechanisms leading dialogue among school administration, instructors and students.

Needs of the Youth as Students

Scholarship and credit facilities of the young studying in secondary and higher education will be improved and accommodation facilities will be provided for them in modern standards.

Vocational and Technical Education of Working Youth

Apprenticeship Training Centers will be made productive, effective and attractive to meet the lack of knowledge and skill of the youth and technical labor force needed by industry will be provided from these centers.

To Equip the Youth with National Values

The youth will be prepared in such a way that they are equipped with national values against factors aiming the removal of inseparable integrity of the country.

Protection of Youth against Harmful Habits

The reasons why the young commit crime will be eliminated, and those who have committed crime and have been sentenced will be decriminalized and reintroduced to society.

With the purpose of protecting and raising awareness of the youth against smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling and similar habits, prostitution, anarchy and terror, strengthening family institution and creating social and cultural environments where the youth may express themselves easily will be given particular importance and sports and social facilities will be developed.

National Sport Policy

Giving priority to social solidarity through virtues such as love, ethics, discipline, determination and effort as well as success in sports to forefront and establishing the essential physical, technological and man power infrastructures to train sportsmen in every field are the basis of our national policy.

Amateur sports activities of local administrations and voluntary agencies will be supported and further contribution of private sector organizations to sports will be encouraged.