Disabled People
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Disabled People

Integration of the Disabled People into the Community

The obstacles in the physical and social environment will be removed, and the necessary educational background and technological facilities will be increased for the disabled people to survive, and continue their education and social life normally without needing any help from others, through their integration into the society. The relevant provisions concerning the disabled people in the zoning regulations will be implemented effectively.

Care Services for the Disabled

The care services for the disabled will be recognized as a social right, will be evaluated within the social security system, and will be rendered in relation, cooperation, and interaction with the medical, social and professional rehabilitation services.

Medical and professional rehabilitation of the disabled citizens will be improved and every support will be provided for them within the period in which they receive professional rehabilitation.

Priority in Employment

We aim to ensure the employment of the disabled people first, enable them to contribute to the production, and introduce them to the society.

Disabled children will primarily be protected and grown in their families and the families having a disabled child and needing help will be given social support.

Prevention of Epidemiological Diseases

For the purpose of preventing the epidemiological diseases causing physical and mental constraints; protective and preventive services and early diagnosis will be activated, the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases will be free within the context of protective health services.

Equipment Support for the Disabled

All equipment and orthesis – prosthesis that make daily life easier for the disabled will be supplied, health facilities will be accessible for the disabled.