Foreign Policy
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Foreign Policy

Our national foreign policy involves protecting and developing the national security and interests of Turkey, establishing the grounds for peace, stability and security in our region; setting good relationships based on mutual respect and benefits with all countries, especially our neighbouring ones; finding fair and permanent solutions to current problems in compliance with international laws by protecting the rights and interests of Turkey.

An Effective Foreign Policy Emphasizing International Cooperation

The basis of our foreign policy is to maintain the peace in our region and in the world, and to develop international cooperation. We will pursue an effective foreign policy taking into account the geographical, strategic and geopolitical location of our country, and the contributions to regional and international peace in order to take part among leading countries.

Our Party that undertakes a serious attitude and vision in foreign policy will ensure that Turkey, situated in the center of Eurasia geopolitics that is the strategic focus of 21st century, will become a powerful and respectable country in the world politics and in international relations, whose advice is followed and friendship is sought and trusted.

Among the priorities of our foreign policy are to establish and improve relationships with all countries on a friendly basis especially with our neighbours, to encourage any regional cooperation with international purposes, to involve in these initiatives as an effective member of the international community and to resolve problems by peaceful means, and to contribute to peace, stability, security and common prosperity in regional and global levels.

Turkey, as the regional leading country, will pursue a foreign policy to develop the cooperation and ensure the stability to prevail in the strategic triangle of Caucasia, the Balkans and the Middle East, but it will not take part in any global projects that destabilize the region and cause bloodshed and tears.

The Nationalist Movement Party does not have any prejudices in international relations and evaluates the development and problems in a realistic and multidimensional national strategy. The factors that have an indispensable quality for Turkish Nation are the respect for our national culture, our territorial integrity and unitary state structure.

Our Party adopts the basic principle not to interfere with the independence, integrity and internal affairs of other countries, and expects the same attitudes from other countries.

The foreign policy will be specified in a way that takes into account the historical and cultural dimensions rather than an understanding based only on the trade, without ignoring the fact that our country is a big and rooted one with respect to its location, history and socio-cultural infrastructure.

Deterring Foreign Policy

Necessary deterring policies will be implemented against the countries bearing historical hostilities towards Turkey and targeting our national interest in accordance with international law and legitimacy.

One of the most important factors in the “Leading Country Turkey” ideal of The Nationalist Movement is Turkey’s ability to pursue an independent, effective and nominal foreign policy.

Turkish World

Turkish world is a prioritized and privileged area of interest in our foreign policy. Improving relationships with Cyprus, Caucasia and Middle Asian Turkic Republics and Balkan countries, mainly in economic, social, political and cultural areas, is one of the main goals of our foreign policy.

Evaluating its opportunity of being in the center of Eurasia geopolitics with a strategic vision, Turkey will create economic cooperation projects in order to create and preserve peace and stability in regional countries.

A close care will be provided for kin and relative societies outside Turkey in the scope of the principles leading international law and interstate relations, and necessary institutional cooperation will be initially formed.

Cyprus Policy

Cyprus is the most important national claim of Turkey. Turkey has indispensable and undisputed contractual rights and obligations resulting from Treaties over Cyprus. The mitigation of Turkey’s efficient and active guarantee in the scope of political solutions or any negative effects on this will not be accepted under any condition.

Our Party believes that the only applicable and plausible solution for Cyprus is a bi-zonal, bi-national and bi-state cooperation structure.

Relations with EU

Turkey – EU relations require clarification and redefinition in regard to its quality, basis and scope.

Our Party does not view the relationship with EU as an “identity and destiny problem” for Turkey. We argue that Turkey is not obliged to and is not forced or required to drift in the orbit of European Union at any cost.

Continuation of negotiations proceeds with the conditions that European Union does not harm Turkey’s interest regarding the crucial subjects such as Turkey’s national unity and integrity; terror and separatism; Cyprus, Greece and Armenia and rejection of any approach other than full membership make up the basis of our policy. The respect that the countries in European Union show for our national sensitivity will make up the basic criteria determining the future of our relations with these countries.

Multifaceted Foreign Policy

Bearing in mind the fact that our country has an important strategic deposit such as the common history and cultural values shared with the countries in a vast geography from Balkans to Caucasus, and from the Middle East to the Central Asia in the historical process, and democratic values which create the fundamentals of the relations of a long history with the western world, an intelligent, decisive, consistent, realistic, dynamic and multifaceted foreign policy will be adopted by fully mobilizing Turkey’s national power sources.

Our relationships with the USA will be carried out on the basis of equality and reciprocity to serve mutual interests of both sides with their economic, political and security dimensions.

Multifaceted policies will be followed to develop relationships and common economic projects for the purposes of maintaining peace, stability and regional cooperation with the Black Sea and the Caspian basin countries, especially Russia and Iran, and the Balkans and the Middle East countries.

Developing our relationships and creating the appropriate atmosphere for an economic cooperation with the countries in Africa, the Far East and the South-East Asia Region is of special importance.

The basis of our Iraqi policy involves that the territorial integrity of Iraq and the rights of Turkmen population there must be protected, and that Iraqi lands must not pose security threats against Turkey.

Faced with active terrorist threat and attacks towards our country from Iraqi lands, Turkey will use its rights granted by international law and take any measures necessary for our national security in order to eliminate the terror factors nested there.